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Your Skin, Beautifully Protected

Your Skin, Beautifully Protected

Luxuriously clean mineral sunscreen for sensitive and reactive skin that provides all the protection you need while preventing the flare-ups you don’t.

Protect Your Glow

Protect Your Glow

Fortress SPF 30 never dulls your shine and leaves no white cast behind — just your skin, purely protected.

Your New Go-To Sunscreen

Your New Go-To Sunscreen

Fortress SPF 30 is designed for every day, every season, everywhere you go. Make it your daily companion for uncompromising sun protection.

The Sunscreen for Your Sensitive + Reactive Skin

Every drop of Fortress SPF 30 is fortified with a unique complex of clinically-proven, naturally-derived actives that work harmoniously in a lightweight, scentless, oil-free formula to effectively calm, nourish, and protect sensitive and reactive skin.

Good To All Skin Tones + Types

Our innovative formula is crafted with the utmost care and consideration for all skin tones and with specialized protection for skin prone to sensitivity, breakouts, flare-ups, and dark spots.

Comprehensive + Multitasking

Fortress goes beyond UV protection to combat environmental stressors like blue light, infrared rays, harsh climates, and pollution while also improving tone, controlling oil, and keeping flare-ups at bay.

No Irritation + No Cast

We worked meticulously to ensure our sunscreen is beautiful to wear, never invites irritation or compromises your complexion, and leaves no ghostly cast or residue behind.

Meet Your New Favorite SPF

Sunscreen You'll Actually Look Forward to Wearing

Introduce your skin to a sunscreen experience that not only feels good but is genuinely good to and for your skin. Fortress SPF 30 is crafted to eliminate those irritating sunscreen woes – no more greasy feeling, eye stinging, itch inducing, pore clogging, acne causing, never blending, ghostly looking applications. Fortress SPF 30 is truly a game-changer for sensitive and reactive skin.

  • 100% mineral sunscreen
  • Clean formulation
  • Lightweight + silky
  • Non-sticky + easy to spread
  • Oil-free + non-greasy
  • Fragrance-free + scentless
  • Doesn't cause breakouts
  • No irritation, calms redness
  • Helps even skin tone
  • No white cast or residue
  • Sits well under makeup
  • No pilling

Why Our Customers Adore Fortress

"I absolutely love it... I love the fact that the application is smooth and doesn't leave a thick and heavy residue on your skin, and what I love the most is that it's tinted with a pinkish color so that it blends in nicely with melanin skin."

Kristin M.
Verified Customer

"My favorite new sunscreen. This is a 20.3% zinc oxide sunscreen that completely disappears. It's pure mineral. It has some nice [ingredients] including licorice extract, and it's absolutely beautiful on all skin types."

Dr. Candace S.
Board Certified Dermatologist + Verified Customer