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Yoga for Gloriously Glowing Skin

Yoga for Gloriously Glowing Skin

We are familiar with the positive effects yoga has on our overall health, but do you know how it can benefit your skin?⁠

Improves Blood Circulation

Yoga causes vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels) which leads to increased blood flow to your skin.⁠ This process enables the delivery of extra oxygen and nutrients to the skin, resulting in a visible #YogaGlow.⁠

Stimulates Digestion

Your digestive health is an important factor in achieving and maintaining a glowing complexion.⁠ It's responsible for much of the absorption of nutrients and minerals that nourish your skin, as well as the elimination of toxins that, if not cleared from the body, can lead to dullness, discoloration, and accelerated aging.⁠ Yoga helps your digestive tract process and eliminate toxins.⁠

Combats Stress and its Effects

Stress incites hormonal fluctuations that cause your skin to straight up misbehave. It makes your skin look dry and dull, plus it can trigger acne breakouts and other skin flare-ups as well.⁠ Yoga reduces the body's stress level by increasing relaxation and inducing a mental calm.⁠

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